Baroque Pearls

A necklace of rare large Baroque pearls, L. 40cm.

What Are Baroque Pearls?

Say the word pearl and what comes to mind? We bet you’re thinking of a milky white, lustrous perfect sphere. These are traditional pearls and the type that has been highly coveted by pearl lovers the world over. Perfection has always been key when it comes to pearls.
Enter baroque pearls.
These are imperfect pearls of irregular shapes and sizes, with dented and uneven surfaces. They often exhibit beautiful luster and colors.
Interestingly, the imperfections aren’t seen as flaws when it comes to baroque pearls. Rather, they are celebrated for their uniqueness. No two baroque pearls will be exactly alike and every piece of jewellery that utilizes baroque pearls showcases something different.

Item: Baroque Pearls

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